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We believe that every person that has been harmed by others deserves justice. When you are injured by the negligence of others, it can be a difficult time. You are injured, hurt, and may have bills that are piling up.

It is our privilege to step in, take this burden from you, and give you the justice you deserve.

Insurance companies do not act in your best interest and will actively attempt to avoid paying you for the damages that you have incurred. As former insurance attorneys, we know the tactics, we know the games, and we know the tricks – and we are ready to use this against them.

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We are proud to represent injured families and individuals in Houston and throughout Texas. Whether your injury was due to a car accident, 18 wheeler wreck, or an accident at work, we have the knowledge and skills to help you today.

We treat you like family from the first phone call. We take a personal and individual approach to solving your problems and making the legal system work for you. We will lead you through the process and fight for all the rights you deserve.

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Michael Takla


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Lisa Rubalcaba

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